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Im just horny! Other random things: I like the beach, being active outdoors, warm weather, the gym, traveling, bars, dancing, gambling, VEGAS, live concerts and anything fun and exciting. Oh yea and Sex! I am NOT into drugs, but I sure love my Liquor!

Nickname: Bryton
Site: flirt4free
Age: 28
Sex: male
Sex preferences: lesbian
Pubic Hair: trimmed
Height: 73 in
Weight: 174 lbs
Hair color: black
Hair length: medium
Eye color: green
Build: athletic

Turn Ons

Well For Starters: Anything about Sex and Sports turns me on. Can you blame me?? Im just a Man!! I love both! I also love Foreplay! I like exploring another persons body while I try to figure out what makes them click. Guys with tight fit bods and tough tempers who like to argue are my style. But I have Legal Degrees, so youll always lose!! 😉 Being told what to do is a big turn on for me. In my life and career, I’m always the one in control. Sometimes I like to have someone else take the reigns for a while. During sex, I like a lot of dirty talk being said either in my ear or right in front of my face. Nice hard, deep french kisses with a lot of tongue action is my fav!. Multiple various positions are great, but I like to try to create some of my own and push boundaries. Most of all, I like someone who can hold a good conversation about anything, and being naked as much as possible. Everything else youll have to find out on your own!


Some things Id like to do is have Sex on an airplane and be in an orgy. I’ve been in a few groups before, but not with a bunch of people. I think it’ll be great to just let go and lose all self control with mixed group of people. Girls and guys, and just doing whatever makes you feel good at that time. I love the outdoors, so Ive always wanted to go to a secluded area in the middle of the desert, or the mountains and have sex for multiple hours. Other than that I think Ive done them all…

Kinky Attributes



I always aim to Please! My Schedule Goes as Follows: M W F @ 9/930 PST Sat & Sun on and off all day whenever I feel like it! Sometimes Im on Tues and Thurs Nights @ 1030 PST… Have any Questions, Concerns, Comments, Complaints or anything random youd like to tell me, Please Inquire Within!!

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