Maxx Dan

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like to see, I like to feel every movement, every vibration, tingling excitement generated by the human body, so in this place I love the C2C, as it allows me to know, they feel, they are expressed, as they like to do things, you can see how their bodies are express, as your body makes its own mistress, but that’s what I like to do so in order to have an opportunity, to appreciate each of you in a sexual maxima and of corse your meeting personal.

Nickname: Maxx Dan
Site: flirt4free
Age: 23
Sex: male
Sex preferences: gay
Pubic Hair: hairy
Height: 70 in
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair color: black
Hair length: medium
Eye color: brown
Build: athletic

Turn Ons

I like swimming, American Futboll, fight, well actually I like any sport that has to do with physical contact, which I display the attributes of the human body, I love the feel and explore, feel the heat, operate at peal the sexa maximum that can exist in two body, at the time this arousal present at the games, the friction, the looks, smiles and the feeling of desire to possess the other and make our own.


group sex I feel fantastic, an experience that I really like to learn, the force in sex, can take a body and do whatever he wants with it, which is like a doll, to manipulate my pleasure and convenience, handle like a puppet, have total control of the situation.


I’m the kind of guy who likes a bit of everything, I like to experiment, and then decide it is appropriate for me or not, I’m always in the process of exploring new lands and hear ideas and opinions, learn new ways of doing things, or even invent new processes, well actually I think that everything can be and that the world is full of possibilities and opportunities and of course must be exploited each of them to get what they wanted.

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