Jake Indigo

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i have a pretty big dick so i don’t mind soing ass every few minutes. just ask polietly and contribute a good conversation in return… theres lots to see in my private moments and VOD’s so im not scared to show a little ass to save you a few bucks. too bad i can’t show you the hole in public chat.. thats pretty nice to.

Nickname: Jake Indigo
Site: flirt4free
Age: 23
Sex: male
Sex preferences: gay
Pubic Hair: trimmed
Height: 74 in
Weight: 159 lbs
Hair color: blonde
Hair length: short
Eye color: blue
Build: athletic

Turn Ons

Leather Daddies , Cum pups, Twisted Thinkers, Pigplay (Pigs and Pigletts,) Daddy/Son , RolePlay… Open minded people who like to experiement and try new positions concepts. Like Minded Guys. Riding like a man ( Riding bareback)


NO LIMITS…. but please respect the rules of the site it has a few. .i have toys by the way to help illustrate what i want you to do to me. 🙂 pick your favor color. jolly rancher Blue. Black Rubber, or OMG That looks like a real dick in his ass Baise.


Just also wanted to extend an invitation to the bisexual men and str8 married men and older men that like to play with young boys everyonce and awhile… my room doesn’t judge married men are my favorite flavor btw but any bisexual guy really is a major cum stain in my bed he he he. I requested they get a pig play catogory too and we now have one its im now in it … i think you will find the change because its more wild then mild. and thats what we all want . Some days i get judged by everyone as someone who is just another twink or such a goodie goodie or an ass kisser…but ay theres notthing wrong with a rim job… theres nothing wrong with being a good boy… but at the end of the day im a young gentalmen in public and a fuckin perverted twisted BENDIBLE cum hungry pig.. theres videos on demand if you think thats a gimic… please cum hunrgy with an idea of what you want and i promise you will leave happy.

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