Justin Master

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Magnum XL condoms don’t fit well. The crotch area in my pants always gets stretched and worn out.

Nickname: Justin Master
Site: flirt4free
Age: 23
Sex: male
Sex preferences: straight
Pubic Hair: hairy
Height: 69 in
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair color: brown
Hair length: medium
Eye color: brown
Build: athletic

Turn Ons

Attention. Anyone who worships or gets off to my cock gets me off. It swells and grows larger when people are watching it. It turns me on to do tricks with it. It can dance. It can lift objects. When it is totally hard it goes up to my nipples. I can self suck, too. I also really like working out. I lift weights daily and love having a cut body. People like to see me work out in private while my huge cock hangs between my legs flopping around… or hard and huge. And I hear I’m pretty good with my feet, too.;)


My fantasy is to find someone who can actually deep throat all the way to my base. The furthest anyone has gotten is half way down my shaft. I want it to be swallowed.


To protect my safety (considering I’ve had stalkers), I don’t show my face or speak or disclose any private information. Please respect my privacy and don’t bother asking me to do either in the chat room because I will have to ignore you or refer you to this bio. I prefer to separate my work life from my personal life. If that is insufficient for your needs, then you can always move on to a different performer.

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